3 monther

little Vin turned 3 months last last sunday (the 15th). 

he's supa cute. 

at 3 months:

he's starting to sleep through the night (with a few bumps here and there)
screeches when he gets excited
loves loves LOVES to get his diaper changed (he used to hate it!)
hates to be in a wet/dirty diaper (you might laugh and say.. who does? well, jayne doesn't mind it one bit and would prefer to wear a poopy diaper vs. get a diaper change- a constant daily battle)
is a mama's boy... ask steve
will calm down the minute jayne starts interacting with him (he loves her!)
loves to be swaddled
loves to be held
grunts like a true boy
is a lazy tummy timer (jayne was lifting her head up so well on her tummy by this age.. vinny just lays his head down and shows zero interest- too funny)
has the cutest smile ever

i've discovered i am a true sucker for little boys (this one in particular). 

ps. giveaway posted below! winner will be drawn this friday.


Kim & Clay said...

I loved holding him yesterday. I am a sucker for this little boy too!

And you are lucky he loves getting his diaper changed--hopefully he keeps that for awhile!

The Romney Family said...

He looks like such a sweet little guy, Dayna! 3 months already? I swear I was just reading your (CRAZY) birth story yesterday!

So glad you guys are doing well. You have such a cute family!

Courtney said...

Oh hello baby Steve. So weird that he looks identical to his dad.

Can't wait for our babies to be a year old!! Hurrah!