catchin' up on the ole blog

feeling a little frazzled lately

i've been a busy body lately. ok thats a little bit of a lie. its more like i've been missing out on precious sleep (a baby who was sleeping through the night for two weeks decided to stop all of a sudden-- i won't mention any names...) and as a result have had little energy to get things done, leaving me feeling more busy and overwhelmed than usual. blah.

BUT, the good news is- things are back in order, house is clean, babies are alive...

...truth be told i'm still tired..

... BUT i've managed to find the time to give some love to this blog here.

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ashley schmutz said...

you sexy little piece.... you look AMAZING! you are forever my motivation and you JUST had a baby! and those pictures of the babies at home all together put a smile on my face.

ps. please be around in august. i need you!

Angie said...

Hahahaha - that picture is amazing!! Oh Dayna I love you.

These catch up posts were so fun!