i got me some bieber fever

yeah, yeah, i know everyone and their dog has already posted about this movie.
{and yes, there are really dogs that have their very own blogs... don't believe me? see here. and here.}

but i saw it for the first time last weekend and certainly enough...

i got me some BIEBER FEVER! 

i love him. 
i wanna be his "lonely girl" and sit on stage and cry while he gives me flowers and serenades me with his 17 year old voice.

 So sue me!!!


Courtney said...

I will (sue you)! Pedophile.

Angie said...

I caught major Bieber fever a while back when I first discovered him. I will not tell you how many times I played the music video for One Less Lonely Girl just so I could listen to the song, haha. He is just so dang cute! I think I would really enjoy this movie, especially because I know Scooter Braun's mom (she's an orthodontist who works in our office sometimes) and I remember a couple years ago when she was telling us about this kid her son had found online and how he was going to be the next big thing, and I just thought, 'yeah, yeah, you just think that because he's your son's discovery' but then sure enough, he totally became the next big thing! It would be fun to see more of the behind the scenes stuff. It would make anyone a Bieber believer.

My comments should be emails, or small novels. Sorry.

Rachel Kirkham said...

I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

Crystal said...