Hokulia Shave Ice

for a long time we have been huge fans of Snoasis- the shaved ice joint in alpine utah. 

that all changed when our buddy josh introduced us to Hokulia shave ice.

how did we not know about this place until now??? i feel i've been deprived the past couple years.

it is AMAZING. 

please go there. get whatever flavors you want. and get the snocap. and don't go anywhere else for shaved ice ever again.


feeling a little bitter that i've been deprived of this for so long

all smiles after a yummy cool treat

poor guy- soon he'll get to enjoy the goodness too.


Kim & Clay said...

we love this place too! we walk there all the time during summer since it is so close to our house. but snoasis is pretty awesome too--I mean hokulia doesn't have horchata, so they both have their pluses.

Sarah said...

I love the shaved ice with ice cream in the bottom a little better than the snocap but otherwise I'm all in with ya. Mmmmm...

Katherine said...

These pics are hilarious-- and darling! I love your "feeling a little bitter..." shot, hahaha. You are so good at putting captions to EVERYTHING! Love it.

Lynsie said...

So my friend owen's that stand! I'm glad you like it!

Hokulia Shave Ice Co. said...

Actually We do have horchata :) . And if there is ever a flavor that you would like, feel free to suggest it and we will get it. Thanks for the props and keep on comin! Magleby family have a free sno cap or ice cream on me next time you come. Just tell them that Clint said it was ok :) .


Clint and Stefani