summer happenings

hiking Stewart Falls with Eric's ward

i miss giving consistent love to my bloggy blog.  i am far behind on many posts that i want to document for my kin's sake (and mine too of course). but as life gets busy its only natural that my blogging takes the back burner, and sometimes thats a good thing. 

we have been having a blast enjoying the warm weather- seven peaks, the pool, hiking the Y, stewart falls, cousins camp, strawberry days, family visits, getting snow cones, ice cream, going to movies, yard sale, taking evening walks outside. 

i seriously love this time of year and all it has to offer. 

but life has gotten a bit more stressful now that my little sister is ENGAGED!
thats right, my little Lo is marrying the love of her life, Mr. Chris Guinn. 
they're seriously made for each other. and we certainly like him a lot. 

so why is that stressful?

well, i sort of offered to plan her wedding........
 since she wanted to get married in utah (and my parents live in maryland)
and since i've never planned anyones wedding before, 
i didn't quite realize how much time and effort and energy it takes (and boy does it take a lot!)
but its been so fun doing it with my sister and i'm so excited for it all to come together in the end. 
so thats why i've been slacking on this thing lately. just thought you should know.

i hope you are all enjoying your summer. 
we'll be out and about enjoying ours and staying busy. 
until then, no promises on this bloggy blog. 
but check back in every once in awhile. who knows, maybe i'll surprise you.