thomas the train

afternoon meltdown. gotta love it.

jayne has a passion for thomas the train. she loves the show, loves to play with the trains at grandmas, and especially loves thomas and percy.  we took her to ride thomas the train (the heber creeper) in heber a couple weeks ago. she LOVED it. she kept pointing to all the pictures of the different characters in the train and loved looking out the window as we ever so slowly chugged along. after the train ride she went crazy over the train toys they had set up and a bubble machine that was  blowing bubbles all over the place. we wanted to get a picture of jayne in front of thomas before it left for the next ride, and she wanted none of it. that is why she is screaming bloody murder in some of the pictures. too funny. gotta love that girl.

all smiles while pointing out percy


Courtney said...

I think the green one is actually Henry. I'm sort of a train genius. This is how I know this.

Dayna said...

False. It is Percy. Henry has the long nose. Look it up "train genius"! haha