4 monther

candid shot taken by matt clayton

my little man is actually 4 1/2 months but i've been behind on updating the blog that i missed his four month marker post.

at four months little V is:
12 lbs. 2 oz. (10%)
24 inches long (25%)
16.5 cm head (50%)

he's just a little guy but boy is he cute.

he loves to smile with his mouth open wide.

is super giggly.

he loves to laugh at his sister.

he loves to suck on his hands (on anything really).

he gets really really mad when he has to wait for a second for me to get ready to feed him 
(no patience when it comes to hunger... he may get that from me.)

loves to "talk"

loves to snuggle up with his blankets.

loves to wiggle and squirm around.

loves to stand on his little chicken legs.

is a great sleeper.

we really like this dude. and by like, i mean love. 

happy 4 months Vinn!


Rachel Kirkham said...

You are so pretty. Really pretty. I love you.

Crystal said...

you look so gorgeous. And by gorgeous, I mean like a goddess. wow. And Vinny is such a stud!! Can't wait to see you guys so soon!! LOVE YOU!