5 months

Vinn turned 5 months old on Friday. 

We enjoyed torturing him by making him wear Jayne's tangled wig for our own entertainment.

He's a good sport.

Seriously, he always is.

You're my favorite little man, yes you are.

Happy 5 months!

vinny at five months old:
roly poly oly (rolling all over!)
loves to screech
laughs his head off a lot
loves to suck on his entire fist (or at least most of his fingers)
starting to give kisses 
(bound to learn it sooner than later with how often we kiss attack him all day long)
loves his puppy (stuffed animal)
good sleeper
sort of a good eater
gots skinny legs and big eyes
cutest smile
best skin (i'm jealous)
drooling all over the place
has the best cheeks (both kinds)
so gosh darn stinking cute i can't take it i'm so obsessed mmmm!


Angie said...

Ahhh, he is so cute! I hope my babies are as cute as yours. :)

Sara said...

bahahahaha i love looking at the picture! what a gem.

Katherine said...

HILARIOUS!! What a little cutie!