Family Pictures by Matt Clayton

sure love this bunch

Sorry they aren't the best of quality (and not even edited) since I snuck them with my computer camera off his proof site (is that stealing? probably...) but I just thought I'd share since I spent forever trying to figure out which ones we want printed. I went through and picked out all my favorites and then went to check out and it was $100 so now I have to go back and narrow them down more... too hard to do! Goes to show how happy I was with these pictures. I think they turned out great. If you are ever looking for someone to take your family photos please go to Matt Clayton. He is awesome, reasonably priced, will make you look better than you do in real life, and you won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll probably want to spend all your money on your pictures because you'll love how they turned out (take me for example).

Any way, below are some of my faves.  I am excited to get prints and display them in our home.


Kate Magleby said...

these were supposed to be a surprise cause my mom wanted to use them as gifts hahaha

Michelle said...

Beautiful! What a great looking family!

Kim & Clay said...

These are awesome!

I am pretty sure you look that good in real life though. :)

Good luck picking ... tough choice!

Jen Richards said...

These are gorgeous Dayna!! You look just beautiful. And Jayne is such a doll and Vin is so cute! Awesome pictures :)

Angie said...

I love Matt Clayton's style, he is so great. He always makes people look like they belong in a fashion magazine or a J Crew spread. This is no exception, you guys look amazing! You and Steve have such a beautiful family. These look awesome!

Katherine said...

What STUNNING photos-- and people! You all look beyond beautiful. The setting is just spectacular as well.