jayne turns two!

jayne in her "princess dress" at her birthday breakfast

its actually really hard to put into words how much i love this little girl. 
the only way to really describe it is that the last two years and 9 months have been the very best two years and 9 months of my entire life. thats because this girl made me so freaking happy the minute i knew she was growing inside of me. i know there are other moms in the world who would say differently, but i have genuinely enjoyed being a stay-at-home-mom. it has truly brought me the greatest joy, and made me a better person than i think i could have ever been otherwise. and in all honesty, i am truly the happiest i have ever been in my entire life having these children in my life. and i was pretty happy before i had kids if that says something. 

things i want to always remember about jayne at 2 years old:

how she can say "i'm two!" and try to hold up two fingers (but its more like 4 fingers)

how she calls vinny "dinny." how she always say, "dinny, you're so funny!" with a little laugh

how she loves pretend food

how she loves to snuggle up with all of her 8 blankets in her crib (she's kind of a blanket freak)

how she says "amen" instead of "the end" after reading a book

how she's so good at saying prayers

how she loves to sing songs (comes home from nursery each week singing a new song)

how she says "please, haha" because she knows she has to be happy and not whiny in order to get something and so she thinks if she laughs after saying please that it means she's somehow happy. hilarious.

how she loves Tangled, Cars, Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda

as well as dinosaurs, trucks, and airplanes

how she loves to have "tangled hair" (two french braid pigtails)

how she loves to tickle vinny and
always asks where "dinny" is

sometimes calls me "dayna" and dad "steve" ("mom, where's steve?")

how one night before bed she started stroking my face with her hands and staring at me. it was so funny and i asked, "what are you doing jayne?" to which she replied: "mom, you're so pretty." she's my self esteem booster.

how she can count to ten and can sort of do her ABCs

how she can sing happy birthday song among other songs

how she loves to sing "pop corn popping on the apricot tree", "twinkle twinkle little star", "i'm a child of God", "you are my sunshine"

how she loves flowers

how she can recite parts of "good night moon" (the book we read before bed each night)

how she asks to "snuggle" before going to bed

how she says "i be right back mom!"

how she always says "okay" instead of yes

i love it when she says "come on mom! come on mom!" while pulling on my arm to get up

how she's so dramatic. she gasps with excitement while opening a present before she even knows whats inside

how she says "awww, so cute!" with her face all squinched up whenever she sees anything small or miniature

how she loves her family, and has a soft spot for her grandma and loves to go to "gramma's house"

how she loves her friends, loves to swim, loves to go on walk, and go to the park

how she is still obsessed with her monkey and makes him eat cereal with her and still bites his face to show her love for him

how she gives out tons of kisses and hugs

 i'm sure there are lots more i will add to this list as i think of them...