we made it to maryland. 
traveling was a doozy.
we forgot precious monkey. {need i say more?}
dad saved the day and he arrived in the mail just in time for her nap today.
she didn't nap and instead chatted it up with monkey the whole time.
she of course had a lot to share, it had been two whole days since she saw him last.
jordy comes a close second to monkey. she follows him everywhere and is always asking:
"where jordy?"
he's the big older brother she never had and she's the little sister he never had.
take a guess as to who likes who more. {don't worry, he's still nice}
YAY for being home!!!


J + M said...

LOVE these photos. so easy when you have such photogenic children :)

Allison said...

uhhh...your home?? how long? im contacting you as soon as my phone charges.:)