tangled party!

alright, alright, i promise this is the last of the celebrations for miss jayne. 
we had a party with friends on saturday to celebrate the little two year old. 
my sister-in-law (with the help of my oh so talented husband) made a bomb birthday cake pictured above. jayne LOVED it and kept calling it her tangled cake.
seriously though, is it amazing or what?!

the birthday girl herself- picked out her birthday swim suit to wear

guests arriving for the party. i was lovin' on sarah's blue green skirt

pool time!!!

these two photos (above and below) were taken on the wrong setting.... way overexposed.. so i tried to adjust it as best as possible. 

all tuckered out from swimming

the grub

the grill man

me and my baberina (jayne got up so early and was so tired by this point!)

my little sister elyse flew in that day for "Camp Utah" so it was so fun having her there to celebrate

all the little tots in attendance: carson, etta, liam, jayne, ellie

vinn and uncle mike

all the ladies- girlfriends made the day so special!

more tangled loot

i don't doubt that ellie loved the cake

opening gifts!

loving the purple layers inside the cake

jayne playing with some of her gifts

ellie cheezin' it up

this shot cracks me up. everyone doing there thing... especially lauren and chris! haha!

chris (soon to be bro-in-law) wearing jayne's gift- a tangled wig. i think he wanted to keep it for himself. 

love these two!!!

ok. thats it. all done. 
the end.


S.DAY said...

Happy Birthday Jayne!

Angie said...

That cake is amazing!
I think Lauren and Chris are more in love than other couples... don't you? ;) Theyre cracking me up.
You are a beautiful mother! You're such a great example to me of the kind of mother I want to be!

Sarah said...

So fun! Thanks again...that night Etta said prayers and expressed she was so thankful for her friend jayne. :)

Bonnie said...

Super cute party, Dayna! I love Tangled, and I think all blonde little girls do, too. I was thinking of coming to Provo one day next week for a few hours- if so, do you want to meet for lunch or something? I would love to meet Vinny!

Chelsea said...

such a cute party, and that cake looks amazing.
a few weeks ago i helped my neighbor make a tangled cake... we did it out of rice crispies and eventually got so confused on how to decorate it that we had to take it over to another neighbor that is a professional. Lauren must be dang good at the cake making!

J + M said...

cutest mom ever, cutest kids, ever, and the such a blast of a party!

The McKinleys said...

ok that cake is AMAZING!!!!! seriously, tell steve he needs to go pro!

and it looks like you guys had such a blast! we are SO sad we missed it! tell little jaynie girl happy birthday for us!

Keri said...

i am SO sad i missed this!!! happy birthday, jayne! and dayna...i love you! let's have a girls night soon, eh?