turning two.

this little girl is about to turn two. on monday to be exact.

it makes me happy and sad at the same time. 

we'll be getting free slurpees and celebrating by doing all her favorite things. i can't wait.

her official birthday post will come a bit late since we'll be enjoying the big day from start to finish.

in the meantime, i just wanted to share these cute photos my sister crystal took on her iphone
 (she's in town visiting for a week and we are having a blast)

this little girl makes being a mom da best. and to say i'm obsessed with her is kind of an understatement. seriously.


Angie said...

She is SO cute. She makes me want to have a little girl!

The Romney Family said...

So cute! Happy early Birthday, Jaynie girl! And don't let anyone try to warn you about all that "terrible twos" nonsense. Having a two year old is seriously AWESOME. No complaints whatsoever from this momma.

Kim & Clay said...

I love her too! It has been so fun to get to play with her this summer and I hope she and Ellie (and you and I!) are BF'S forever. :)

Can't beleive she is turning two. That is crazy business.

Kate Magleby said...

I love that little rascal.