crab shack

the night before steve arrived to deep creek we went to dinner at Crab Shack- a new (and only) crab restaurant in deep creek (steve hates seafood so it was a good thing we took advantage while he was away). the crabs are fresh and delicious. our family loves to eat crabs and it's always fun to sit around, get our hands dirty, and just eat and talk in a casual setting. it is one of my favorite things. outside the restaurant they had the perfect backdrop for pictures- a massive crab. we couldn't resist taking some fun photos. 

my sisters are babes


JJMorrison said...

your thighs don't touch....AND you have had 2 babies. i haven't had any babies and my thighs are married to each other. what's wrong with this picture!!!???

The McKinleys said...

yummmmy. that looks delicious. looks like you guys are having such a blast.

oh, and you are gorgeous.

p.s. you were in my dream last night, and you got kidnapped!! it was freaky. don't go getting kidnapped on me.