little rascal

if you ever read my facebook statuses you would remember when i posted about jayne climbing out of her crib while at the lake.

thankfully she has not attempted to do this again, and i am just crossing my fingers that it stays that way for a long time (like until she's 3? 4?)

i know better now to not have anything tempting for her to want to get out of the crib. like my make up bag that was sitting out (she was sleeping in the bathroom of our bedroom). i saw her eyeing it when i layed her down to sleep but figured there was no way she could mess with it since she was in her crib and it was far from reach.... ha... ha... HA. she proved me wrong.

i went upstairs to check on her because i could see activity on the monitor (it was broken so i couldn't hear any sound but could just see the red light going up and down) and i figured she was still up chatting away but when i would go in to check on her and put my ear up to the door i wouldn't hear anything (apparently she heard me walking in the room up to the door and would stay sneakily quiet). i figured she was asleep. this happened a few times until finally i just opened up the door to see what was going on and SURE ENOUGH there she was on the floor, coverup pasted all over her mouth and face. my initial reaction was shock because i couldn't believe she was out of her crib (how are you out of your crib?!?!) and then to see her face covered in this white stuff before i saw the rest of the make up was quite FREAKY (don't deny it... she looks like she has a disease!). my shocked face scared her and she started crying (which is why she is so upset in these photos). 

here are pics of the aftermath.

as annoying as it was to clean up (and sanitize) all the make up that was strewed all over the bathroom floor, not to mention the fact that i was worried we no longer had a crib sleeping child... it was impossible to be really mad at her. she's just a little girl trying to be like her mommy and wear make up. funny how she put it on like she did. 
it was hilarious!!!!!


Sarah said...

what a stinker...etta did the same thing with my coveted bobbi brown eye brightener! I was so mad...for about a second, then just burst out laughing. Little girls, just like mommy. :)

Katherine said...

This post is PRICELESS! I'm laughing so hard right now! Way to go and capture the moment with photos! I can't get over Jayne's sheer terror after being BUSTED!

Katherine said...

PS- My condolences to you regarding what appears to be the end of Jayne's crib containment. There came a point with one of my daughters when I had to reverse the lock on the nursery door, just to keep her contained and safe. I think it's time for you to get a new monitor!