some instagram photos for you.

 funnel cake at the fair my personal cupholder
missing this already

yummy rolls i made for dinner
annual crab feast=yum!
jayne loves rainbow brite
driving back to potomac
jayne refusing pictures
date night @ rio grande

ordered the steak fajitas=the way to go
jayne loving the pool
so did he
baby in a diaper=yummy

we're back in utah now. it was sad to leave the lake. i miss it already. i told my dad he should block out four weeks next year. three weeks just ain't enough. i loved every minute of it and i'm already looking forward to next year.

i have so many pictures to share. since i won't have much new blogging material (getting ready for my sister's wedding that is in three weeks and will be busy busy busy) i figured i will post my deep creek lake photos up until then. which means you'll probably be sick of deep creek lake when i'm done posting. don't say i didn't warn you.


The Romney Family said...

I won't get sick of your Deep Creek pictures, I promise! (I've been here three months and still not tired of the place, so post away!) So glad you guys had so much fun, and glad we could run into you at church a couple times! It was so fun to see you and your cute, cute kids.

Angie said...

That one of Jayne floating over the pool is awesome! Post all the deep creek photos you want! I'm excited.