tennis time.

theres a tennis court a short drive (or semi-long walk, whichever you prefer) from our lake house. we all like to go and play. some are better than others. some are challenged. others are reasonably okay. i'll let you guys assume who goes in which category. but playing is all just for fun and after an hour or two we are hot and ready to jump in the lake. 

I don't even really know why, but I love love love this last picture of Jayne. She is my babe, and I love her to pieces. 


The McKinleys said...

SUCH awesome pictures. your family is so cool :)

i don't even know how to play tennis...but i'd really like to learn! glad you are having such a fun time!

S.DAY said...

I think you guys might be better dancers and jumpers than tennis players :) BUT if you want... I'll offer my professional tennis lessons to your family for free if you invite me out to the lake.
ha! lol