8 months

My little Vincent turned 8 months today. Yowza. It is just flying right on by.  Seriously people, its not fair. Time is so precious and I feel like the older I am getting, and the more children I am having, the faster and faster the clock spins around. He is growing up before my very eyes and no matter how hard I try to freeze time and enjoy him, its just not enough.

But enough complaining... on to the good stuff.

At 8 months he is:

such a happy kid. loves to laugh all the time and is so easy to make smile and giggle.

is VERY HYPER. we thought this kid was gonna be chill. bahahaha. he will be running before he starts walking.

super squirmy. steve says one day he is just going to jump out of someone's arms and hurt himself. he is not kidding. lets hope that doesn't happen.

for such a squirmy wormy, this kid LOVES to be held. he will only play on the floor for about a second before he starts screaming to be held. but then when you hold him he tries to jump out. yeah, i know, he's insane.

has the yummiest cheeks i've ever seen (and bitten) in my life.

so handsome. this kid is going to be a serious heartbreaker.

hungry kid. loves to eat eat eat and when he sees someone eating it doesn't matter if he's full- HE WANTS SOME. never show the kid ice cream.

barfs without fail if he eats any ice cream. i don't think he's lactose because he doesn't get sick from other milk based foods... i think its just all the sugar.

loves to sway back and forth in his highchair and slam the tray as hard as he can.

loves to be loud and scream really high (in a happy sort of way).

hates breastfeeding now. i was determined to go to a year (since I had to stop early with jayne because of my insomnia) but this kid is over it. he prefers the bottle. funny boy.

cracks up at jayne all the time.

loves his doggy and his blanky and binky.

can roll over and squirm around but can't crawl yet.

loves other babies and kids. loves to see himself in the mirror.

loves to smack his lips.

almost mastered sitting up. we're so close! he can do it for a minute and then topples over.

never snuggles. i'm knocking on wood it doesn't last forever.


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TaRiNandKeViN said...

Wow, he is getting so big! I think the last picture I saw of him was only at a couple of months. I was laughing to myself reading your last post, because most of the things you listed he does, Lucy does too! They are definitely pure entertainment, but a handful.