the ducks


My friend Kim and her little girl Ellie joined me and Jayne on a walk to see the ducks on BYU campus.  We were really enjoying ourselves until the ducks got psychotic and started getting way too close, even nipping at Ellie's hand for her raisin. In sum, the ducks are crazy. Keep your distance. If you feed them, plan on being bombarded by the masses. You've been warned.

Aside from that, it was really nice. The weather was beautiful and the babes enjoyed watching some of the ducks swim in the little pond. Afterwards we stopped at a nearby playground and let the girls play to their hearts content. I love this age because they can play on the junglegym pretty freely. There was that awkward stage where Jayne would want to play on it but couldn't really master a lot of the stuff so I had to constantly be watching her and standing by to make sure she didn't die (seriously). Now its all care free and awesome and playgrounds have become part of our daily routine (Jayne likes to call it her "school" now because one time we walked by a school with one and so it just kinda stuck).

I love these two together and what great friends they have become!


Kim & Clay said...

You got such great pictures! You really have a natural talent with photography.

And that duck was seriously crazy.

Lets get together again soon to play! Ellie was talking about "her friend Jayne" the other day.

Katherine said...

Psychotic ducks... thanks for the warning! Such great photos-- Jayne's eyes just sparkle! How cute that she goes to "school" now, haha. Love it!