fall fun with friends

Last Saturday we hit up Pumpkinland with our friends Kim, Clay, & Ellie while Steve coached a soccer game nearby. Jayne loved playing with Ellie- those two crack me up when they get together. Jayne enters bossy mode, Ellie usually gets scared of her at some point, but for the most part they chase each other and laugh and hug at the end of the day.

Jayne said she wanted to find a "pink" pumpkin after I took this picture. She is all about the color pink these days... was bound to happen sooner or later.

They especially loved petting the bunny

Jayne loved all the stuff she could climb through, under, and in.

When she saw the bouncy house she asked to get in, but as soon as she got in she started screaming. So we took her out but then when she saw Ellie go in she asked to go in again and then had THE TIME OF HER LIFE. Its funny how having a buddy around can eliminate all fear. 

Jump! jump!

Check out that smile!

These two loved the slide

And I love her!

Vinn was pretty good for us and liked chillin with Clay since Dad wasn't around.

Afterwards I picked up Steve from his game and then we all met up at Kneaders for lunch. I love Ellie's face in the above photo. For such a tiny girl, she can shove a lot of food in that mouth!  These pictures crack me up...

The following Monday we hit up Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point with Kim& Clay, Rachel & Kevin, and Keri & Keith (and all the little ones) for FHE. The kids loved it. It was pretty chilly but we made the most of our time there. Jayne especially loved the cow train ride, the princess bouncy house, and watching the pig race. She also went down a bunch of slides, ran through a miniature corn maze, played on a wooden ship, and sat in the front seat of a fire truck. Steve and I got hot chocolate and laughed at our 2 year old enjoying every minute of it. Aside from Vinny being a little cranky and tired, I would say the evening was a success.

When the train pulled up for our ride, Jayne bolted for the entrance, cut everyone in line, and climbed right into her spot all by herself. It was hilarious. This girl was NOT going to get left behind.

Steve and Jayne in front of the pumpkin tree


Mary Martha said...

jane is so so cute! my goodness! Love the witches night pics. Your mother-in-law seems like so much fun.

Kim & Clay said...

We have had SO much fun with you this fall!

And I love the pictures you got of both outings. I was cracking up at the one of Ellie's full mouth.

Love ya!

ashley schmutz said...

SO FUN! utah is the best for halloween time. so much to do!

Do You Think I Am An Automaton said...

Your kids are so big! And adorable!!