good times

It was so fun having all my sisters in town over Lauren's wedding.  It was even better having all the babies together- Andrew, Vincent, Nathan, and Savannah (pictured above) one afternoon when we went to park city to see Jen. 

Jayne was loving every minute of having Jordy at our place over the wedding week. She was constantly entertained......

.... even if it was just sitting next to him while he played on the ipad (ha). 

I had a blast hanging out with Shannon & Crystal almost every day

We introduced Shannon to Mountain West Burrito

The kids had baths together...

Jayne got to enjoy running in a diaper at the fountains @ the gateway in slc

Kids made lots of messes (this one being @ our friend Shannon Day's place)

and another random gem that i love so much....

she loves him almost as much as i do

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