Hogle Zoo

jayne in her leopard coat ready to see the animals. it ended up being super warm that day. 

We went to Hogle Zoo for our very first time last week with my dear friend Shannon Day. Jayne loved seeing her best friend Layla. They are so cute together. Only 5 days apart... they crack me up. They get along really well and are so funny the way they talk to each other and interact. I love it. Shannon and I have similar families so far... first girls, then boys! Only difference being Shannon is expecting another boy early next year!!! She is a rockstar mom though. I'm not worried for her. 

This chick fed him with a bottle and pushed her daughter in a stroller at the same time. 
She never ceases to amaze. 

They have a carousel at the zoo. Jayne is all about carousel rides. We couldn't pass it up.

How cute are Layla's piggies?!

Love these shots of Jayne looking at animals. She absolutely loved the zoo.

They offer a little train ride at the zoo. Its super small and cute, and literally lasts for like 1 minute and 30 seconds. Kind of funny.

This was Jayne's face the whole time on the ride. She was so excited to get on it and then got very serious once it started.



Love these two

Seeing the gorilla was pretty sweet. He was taking nap right up against the window so you could see him so up close and personal. It was pretty neat. Jayne was a little timid since he was so close. It was funny.

Cheesin' it on the horse

At the entrance they have this rolling ball in water and kids can come up and touch it. Jayne loved getting her hands wet and then sucking the water off her hands. Gross, I know.

The gang

The leopard (wish it were cold enough for her coat on in this pic!)

Her stance here cracks me up

I personally, loved the giraffes best. They are very beautiful creatures, especially up close and personal. I dunno, something about them draws me in. Never thought I'd be a giraffe lover, but there you go.

Thank you Shan for the best day!


S.DAY said...

D! that was the best day ever! I sooooo needed a good day out with a grown up human being! And the fact that it was YOU made it doubly awesome.
But I'm dying over that first pic of me! I'm so pregnant fat in the face! You're too good to me, I'm really not a rockstar :) Just surviving the blessings thrown my way.
Loved the zoo, love you!
Love the pics.

Kate Magleby said...

Do I comment on pretty much every blog post? Yeah, cause I'm obsessed with "my" babies

Kim & Clay said...

I love the zoo! OK, it's not San Diego Zoo, but it's fun, huh?

And I laughed when I read your comment on my blog about whining about mountain lions because I WAS! I was a little nervous and jumped at every sound until we saw people coming down the mountain, so that made me feel better. Apparently, people hike the Y at all hours of the night every night, so you're never alone. We should do it as couples sometime! (Clay and Steve can use their kicking skills to ward off the wildlife)

ashley schmutz said...

bennett LOVED that water ball at the entrance too! he had his hands on it for probably 30 minutes! that was definitely his favorite part of the zoo.