October time.

October means pumpkin bread and Halloween decorations (to name a couple).  This little boy below happens to looooove pumpkin bread, or so we discovered this morning while eating it for breakfast. It is quite delicious- recipe found here. You're welcome.

We've been babysitting Steve's siblings up in Alpine while his parents have been out of town. Yesterday Lauren came over and showed me this awesome tutorial for a black halloween banner, so we decided to make it (I still need to finish mine by turning the ribbon over and sewing it so the band won't be as thick, and pressing it so it lays better). It was so easy. 

While searching for inexpensive and easy DIY halloween decor, I came across these witch silhouette cupcakes and thats when I thought ' voila! silhouette witch! and spider! how bout a crow! and a "boo" and "eek!" sign!' I printed some silhouettes I found on google and then traced it on cardstock, cut it out and glued it to cream cardstock. EASY AS EASY PIE. And you can do anything you want!  I thought I would put them in black frames but now I'm thinking its not even necessary.

Lastly, what I'm really excited about are THESE babies. Only 13.99 for 24 mini pumpkins and gourds!  My plan is to sparkle these bad boys up with glitter and metallic spray, and disperse them throughout our home. Beautiful thing is I can keep them forever since they are artificial. Yeah, baby. 

I plan on doing it with this very simple tutorial found here. {Thanks Morgan!}

I'm excited to see it all together. I'll have to do an after picture when I make the pumpkins and they are all finished and in place. What kind of inexpensive DIY Halloween decorations do you like?
 Do share!


Liz Berey said...

super easy kitchen counter decor- fill different size and height flower vases with candy corn and place a tea light candle in each. but a dangerous decoration to have around if you love candy corn!

J + M said...

Love this - wish so badly we could be crafting together :)