good times at "school"

this was probably one of our very last days at the playground (or "my school" as jayne likes to call it) this season. it was sunny out, but freezing, and by the very end jayne was asking for "buttons" (mittens) because her hands were so cold. that says a lot from a girl who typically refuses to wear any kind of warm clothing when its cold outside (jackets, sweaters, etc.). as always, i took a bajillion photos. enjoy.

Vinn absolutely loves the swing

a forced smile, ha!

"no pictures!"

Our friend Atticus, from our ward was at the park too. He kept wanting to be in the pictures, it was SO funny. So we had him join in. Jayne did not want to take ANY, and just wanted to "go home", hence the pout. 

Cute boy that Atticus

"for reals, mom? you've taken like 500 of us already"

"is she kidding us Vinn?"

They started running circles around Vinny and he was loving it.

I can't get enough of this little man. He still needs to grow into that winter coat!

ahhh the playground. you will be missed. hopefully we can squeeze in a few more days. crossed fingers.

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Ryan said...

OMG JAYNE AND VINNY ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE, i miss them so much! i cant wait to see them for thanksgiving!