See you in two years

Elder Richards is officially on a 24 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as of yesterday. He'll be serving in the Singapore Mission, and speaking Malay (and probably Chinese as well). Before he crossed over to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) borders, we made sure to fill in some quality sibling time, and lots of FOOD!

For dinner the night before, we went to the new restaurant on University and 400N called Banana Leaf. It is an authentic Singapore restaurant, so it only seemed appropriate. The food was big, as in big portions, and the flavors and seasonings were so new to my palate and really good. It reminds me a lot of Thai food, not because they taste the same (because they don't), but because its one of those foods you need to eat a few times to get accustomed to and then really love. The chef was kind and came to our table to talk to Jayson about Singapore and what it is like. Did you know it is the cleanest country in the entire world? People are imprisoned (or beaten) for littering. Yikes. I kept reminding Jayson to never EVER litter right before I dropped him off....ha! I am sure they will drill it into his head in the MTC, but I was just a little bit paranoid!

My meal... look at all that food!

Steve's meal

Poor Morgan, his wife is still in MD!

For breakfast the next morning, we hit up none other then Magleby's fresh for their famous all you can eat french toast and buttermilk syrup with a side of whipped cream and strawberries. YUM.

This girl was only interested in one thing- the whipped cream.

For lunch we hit up Diegos (one of Jayson's favorite restaurants) on 300 N in Provo. It was really good and surprisingly cheap. If you like Mexican food, I highly recommend. Wish I had gotten some pictures. 

At the MTC you can no longer park and take pictures in front of the building. Rather, you park across the street, take pictures in the parking lot, and then drive the missionary to the MTC drop off stations. They literally get out of the car and thats it. Goodbye Elder Richards. 

Not sure whats going on here...

Our last moments with our little bro

Lauren fighting back the tears... ha!

Jayson had no fear going into the MTC. Right before we dropped him off he said he was a little bit nervous but more an 'excited kind of nervous.' He had no hesitations, just got out of the car and headed off.  I don't know if its because he has  NO IDEA the challenges he's about to face, or if he's just really prepared and ready, but I'm sure its probably a bit of both ;)

He is going to do awesome, I just know it. 
But, will you pray he never EVER litters? Thanks.

Can't wait to see him in two years!

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Bonnie said...

Holy cow, Jayson is so old! When I was there, we were celebrating his 10th birthday!! He looks so much like Taylor. Crazy.