home for thanksgiving

we flew home to maryland this weekend to be with my family for thanksgiving. it is so weird not having everybody this year. jayson is on his mission. crystal and morgan and sav will be in utah. bryson and jen and their kids will be in new york. they're so lame. just kidding. i guess thats only normal though with a large family- eventually its not going to work for every single person to get together on the holidays. sad. regardless, its great to be home, even with the small numbers here. shannon and her kids show up today which will be awesome because jayne will finally have a buddy to hang out with. elyse and ryan and adam have been great entertainers but they are currently at school, and vinny can only entertain her for so long, you know what i mean?  the picture above is jayne at the airport. she is huge. its nuts. the babies did fairly well on the airplane (don't worry, we still succeeded in getting some 'looks') but i still don't know how i would have done it without lauren and chris's help. you're probably wondering, 'well where was steve?' oh so little do you know.... muwahahaha. more details on that later. 

now below is last night during bedtime...

how freaking cute is the vincester?

hope you are having a swell monday.


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I wholeheartedly agree with Kate's comment. Want to squish that boy. Have a blast in Maryland!