New York City Part 1

For our 5th year anniversary, Steve and I took a trip (WITHOUT BABIES!) to NYC. We spent five days exploring the city, eating great food, and just spending some quality time together without getting interrupted by anyone or anything (jayne and vinn if you really want me to be specific). It was a much needed, and much earned vacation, in my opinion. We had not done anything like this since.... well, since I don't even know when. And with a very busy summer behind us, and some big changes in the near future, we thought what better time then now, in celebration of our FIVE years together (wow, that seems like so long, and yet it went by SO fast). I should note that this trip would not have been possible without my incredible sister who watched ALL three babies for the first two days while we were gone, my amazing mother-in-law who watched them and spoiled them to pieces for the following 4 days until we arrived home on Sunday, and Steve's cousin Klane and his wife Angie who hosted us in their NYC apartment the entire time we were there. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

We had an incredible time, I took a lot of pictures, but still feel like I took hardly enough pictures. 
I'm already itching to go back.

Tuesday Evening:

Arrived in NYC at 6PM. 
Dropped our bags off at Klane and Angie's house and hit up Shake Shack for dinner. 

The burgers were everything I'd imagined they'd be, and better. We may or may not have eaten there 4X out of the 5 days we were there. But lets just pretend thats normal, ok?

Angie refused to let me take a picture... shame on her! ;)

After dinner we walked through one of the quaint neighborhoods in town on 69th street that completely DECKS out for halloween in preparedness for Halloween festivities that take place there. You wonder who lives there, and where they get all this stuff- like those GINORMO spiders on their building. Crazy!

Walked by the Lincoln Center and the LDS Temple (wish I had gotten a picture)


Slept in. 
Woke up, met up with my friend Mary Martha, and made our way over to Lower East Side for donuts at Doughnut Plant. 

Our tour guide may have gotten a little confused on the Subway and we ended up in Brooklyn (haha! i'm only teasing mary!)
Oh well, made for some great photos as we got out to turn around!

I want you to take special notice of this blurry picture of me and Mary above because you'll see one again, shortly.

My favorite was the creme brulee, and the tres leches.

Iconic ladders on the buildings of NYC

Remember the blurry photo above? Here is another photo I have with Mary of that day, and don't worry, there are like 5 others just like this. Ha!
(I got to teach my man how to use a camera...;)

We hit up the touristy spots first... Times Square and The Rockefeller Center.

We are big fans of the show 30Rock, so this was pretty exciting actually.

Not exactly sure what church this is, but we passed by it. Amazing.

We checked out the Anthropologie in Times Square. 
They had this cool chair thing going on in the entrance.  

I loved all the knobs!

My favorite were their paper decorations they had hanging from the ceiling. 
I wonder how long this took to create. Very creative. 


We ate lunch at this empanada place Klane & Angie recommended on 9th Avenue called Empanada Mama. It did not disappoint and my thighs thanked me afterwards.. I mean, c'mon! check out that cheese!

I told Steve that I think I would have loved to live in the city when we were first married. To be honest, I would even do it with kids right now. It is SO fun, and there is so much to see and do. 

We went to the Gershwin theatre to put our names in the lottery for Wicked. We didn't win, sadly, so we just walked around Times Square at night and hit up the H&M there. 

Who is more excited? Can you tell?

This is how we got around and by the end we were experts of the Subway

We ate dinner at Serendipity. It was a week night, and late, so we got seated right away and the food came so quickly. Anyone who knows me well, knows I hate waiting to eat, especially if I am hungry. So I left really loving this place.

Downside to not having a third person with us at all times, we have to take make shift pictures of us as a couple, like the one above in the mirror.

The frozen hot chocolate lived up to the hype. We got peanut butter chocolate. I would highly recommend.

Some girls asked me to take their picture for them as we were leaving, so it was awesome cause I had them return the favor.  

We couldn't pass up Dylan's Candy Shop next door.

Have you ever seen so much candy in your life??

We ended the night with some shopping in the Urban Outfitters across the street and then headed home to hang out with Klane & Angie (unfortunately they are mature responsible adults who have careers and couldn't hang out with us during the day). 


Chelsea said...

looks so fun... i want to go back!

Casey said...

Fun! A no-kids-allowed trip is something I've been thinking about lately. Wow...the food....thanks for the photos.

Kim & Clay said...

Ahh what a fun trip. And seeing those pictures made me reeeally want to go to Shakey's. I would have gone at least once a day.

Angie said...

I love this post! I've been so excited to see your pictures. It was so fun having you here! I only wish we could've hung out more. This looks a lot more fun than work! ;)

I love the pictures you got! You make me want to get out and be a tourist in my own city more often. These are great pictures! And you guys saw so much and had so much delicious food. Ahhh! I love new york! Can't wait to see more pictures.