New York City Part 2

One thing I love about new york city is how much it varies- the architecture, the people, etc. from one subway stop to the next. The city is so unique all over and I love it. On Thursday we went to Wall Street and when we got out of the Subway station I felt like we had walked onto a movie set.  It was so different from the more open/flashing lights of times square that we experienced the night before, and I couldn't get over how these huge stone buildings were just right up against another huge stone building with very narrow streets in between. It almost seemed fake. Hard to explain, but it was a site to behold!

I loved the NY Stock Exchange Building

We got a quick peek inside Trinity Church right on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway
 (a service was in progress- note the sign- so we didn't get to see much- and I sorta wasn't even suppose to take a picture.. woopsies.)

The detailed doors were pretty incredible

Occupy Wall Streeters. We didn't witness much action going on as it was cold and rainy (phew!).

Cops waiting for them to mess up

The Freedom Tower halfway complete. Can you believe how tall it is going to be?

 St. Paul's Chapel was barely scratched after the towers fell on 9/11, a miracle that is explained by a sycamore tree that stands north of the tower and took much of the debris. For 8 months it was a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers at the WTC site, and now holds different mini memoir exhibits for 9/11. One of them is called "Healing Hearts and Minds"- a policeman's uniform covered in badges of those heroes that died trying to rescue people from the buildings. We walked around and checked out the mini exhibits there before making our way over to ground zero to see the new memorial they built there.

The 9/11 memorial at ground zero was pretty incredible. It was built in the exact places where the buildings stood, and is the same square feet around.  I couldn't help feel like we were walking on hallowed ground, as that was the exact spot where many people lost their lives that day.  Seems only appropriate that they have the memorials there, as it serves almost as a tombstone for people to come and pay their respects to loved ones they may have lost that day.

Beautiful Mary Martha joined us. It was such a treat having her around. She was so amazing tromping around in that cold rainy weather with us with her two twin baby boys in that cute belly of hers. Seriously though, would you ever believe she is more than half way through her pregnancy with twins?!

We saw a few flowers placed in names on the memorial.

Sad to be reminded of women who died while carrying another life inside

After the 9/11 memorial we said goodbye to Mary and jumped on the Subway to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I can't remember where we got off, but the area we walked through to get to the museum was really beautiful and quaint. 

We enjoyed the Egyptian section of the Museum

It was actually really amazing to get an idea of how these people lived so long long ago and to see some of the things they created and wore (and to think how it has influenced art and fashion as we know it today).  The sections at the MET are truly incredible. We kept saying how if you walk through a museum like this, most other museums (unless they are world renown) would seem pretty lame.

The next thing we chose to go see was the Armor and weapon section of the Met. It was actually really really cool and interesting to see how men used to prepare to go into battle. I suppose without the advanced technology we have today, covering yourself from head to toe in heavy metal was the smartest thing to do. Some of them were so intricately designed and detailed. It was neat to see the variety and how they changed from culture to culture. 

This one was my favorite. I really liked the fleur de lis detail. Could you imagine your husband getting dressed in something like that to go to battle or duel? Weird.

We made sure to see the Monet and Van Gogh paintings at the Met. Monet's Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies is one of my favorites.

Afterwards we hit up Shake Shack for a late lunch, did some shopping, put our names in for the Wicked lottery (and lost again, boo) and then met up with Klane & Angie for pizza at Keste on Bleeker Street. My sister-in-law (who lived in nyc for 4 years while my brother was going to medical school) said she had tried all the famous pizza places and this was her favorite by far. It really was amazing, and actually reminded me of our very own Pizzera712 in good ole Orem Utah. Way to go Orem!

It was so great whenever we had a chance to hang out with these two. 
They are so fun and always make for good conversation.

Afterwards we hit up Magnolia Bakery for dessert.

I love Angie's and my passion for FOOD!!!

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