New York City Part 4

On Friday night, we went to the Procession of the Ghouls at St. John's Cathedral on the Upper West Side. The cathedral was lit with red eery lighting, and the gothic design made the perfect backdrop to the creepy evening. They played a screening of the 1926 Phantom of the Opera- it is a silent film, and the organ was played throughout the movie. I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed the movie (usually 'silent film' doesn't get me all that excited).  After the film, the procession of the ghouls began. Those dressed in intricately designed costumes came down the aisle trying to scare the audience. It was pretty entertaining and the designs of the costumes were pretty cool. I think they were all created by one artist, Ralph Lee. Obviously it wasn't really meant to be scary (most people were laughing), and was more to see the designs of the costumes. It was a great night though and we were glad we were able to get tickets to go see it. 

Steve's terrified!

Angie took WAY better photos than I did of the ghouls. You should check her post out here. 

Saturday morning we met up with Steve's cousin Hayley for breakfast at Popover Cafe. I am sad I didn't get any pictures, but the food was delish (french toast) and it was so great to catch up with Hayley. When we left the restaurant it started snowing, and by the time we got to Gershwin theatre (to enter for the lottery once again...) it was a full on BLIZZARD. We warmed up in a nearby cafe before we needed to be there to put our names in the lottery. You can see the downpour of snow. Insane!

We waited in the freezing cold for nearly a half an hour praying they would call our names. NO LUCK. So we caved and bought tickets since it was our last day there. I was like a giddy school girl when Steve purchased tickets for us. What a stud. 

When we left the theater it was still a mad snowstorm outside. We didn't know what to do and it was freeeezing outside. So.... we did what was natural and bought tickets to another broadway show- How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe. Once again I was a giddy school girl. Hello, Harry Potter!!!

We convinced Angie and Klane at Shake Shack (we ate there for dinner @ 4:30 and then came back again with Angie and Klane around 7 for dessert... oh yes, you better believe it) to come with us. All they had left at that point were standing tickets, so the boys took the standing ones while me and Angie took the seats. They were great seats- dead center on the main floor. We could hardly contain our excitement when Daniel Radcliffe was lifted on to the stage at the start. We kept looking at each other and giggling while the rest of the crowd was cheering and clapping (in other words... we weren't any louder then anyone else around us).  A frizzy haired old woman behind us tapped our shoulder and said in a completely snobby voice, "now ladies, the show has begun." Thanks lady, now shove it!!! 

How gorgeous is Angie? Seriously though, she's making me look bad. I want her natural hair right now.

So excited for the show to start

At the end of the show, Harry Potter (... I just realized I wrote Harry Potter, ha!)... I mean Daniel Radcliffe and another cast member came on the stage and invited the audience to donate money to a good cause. He auctioned off his bowtie from the show too (which went for a lot of money and I am mad I can't remember the amount now..  Angie, do you remember?)

Had to get a picture with the sign... and yes, I am wearing Steve's puffy coat which was 5 sizes too big because I failed to bring a heavy winter coat. I should have known it was going to blizzard the first time in October in 100 years. Silly, me. 

We were so glad Klane & Angie were as spontaneous as we were that night. It was a blast!

Sunday morning we packed up early and headed back home. I was dying to see my babies and couldn't wait for the plane to land. When we got to Alpine I ran in the door and saw Jayne playing with toys with her back behind me. I was about five feet away and said "Jayne! I'm home! I missed you!"  She slowly turns around, looks at me for a few seconds without saying anything (for a second I was like... uh hello! do you even care I'm here!) and then she starts FULL ON BAWLING, gets up and RUNS INTO MY ARMS. She started talking about how she hurt her finger (earlier that day) and then said she wanted to "go home." It may sound sad to some of you, but it was THE BEST! I think because she had zero preparation for my arrival she was just so overwhelmed when she saw me and didn't know how to react and just start crying. It was sooooo cute. I highly recommend the element of surprise for anyone who has kids and leaves them for a time. Best reunion ever. Vinny's too little to even know my coming and going, so I don't have a fun reunion story for you there. He saw me after he woke up from his nap and was pretty groggy and cranky. But don't worry, he warmed up fast and was giving me slobbery kisses soon enough.

Well guys, thats it for our NYC adventure. It was a perfect trip with my perfect man. 

Thank you for taking me on a much needed vacation and exploring the city with me. I had a blast being with you and spending time together sans kiddos. Lets do it again soon, ok?
Thanks for a pretty sweet 5 years.
I love you.
Love, your wife.


S.DAY said...

Looks like a superb trip for a superb couple! Kday and I have always wanted to hit up NY but never had the gumption to do it! Good job Steve!
Hello, let's get together in the next two weeks?

J Hayley B said...

I'm so glad you guys got to see both shows!! Wasn't Harry amazing?

Keri said...

dayna...i absolutely loved reading all your nyc posts! you're such a gorgeous person. and the reunion story totally had me crying...so precious! i hope to see you soon, lady!

Angie said...

Awwww! The story about your homecoming and Jayne bawling made me so happy. That is the cutest thing ever.

And the bowtie was auctioned off for $1200!!! Actually they auctioned off TWO and each went for that price. CRAZY!

Once again, that was SUCH a fun night.

Lisa H. said...

Your NY pictures are awesome! I've never been and really hope to go some day.

I was surfing through some blogs and came across yours! I am pretty sure we had a class or two at BYU because you look so familiar! You have such a cute blog, take great pics, and have some adorable kiddos!