Our Halloween

We costumed early (for Jayne any way). Jayne wore Max's hand-me-down Zebra costume. Does it look familiar? It should, because this little guy wore it too. She had a series of outfits to choose from, and this was her very own choice. I love it. We met up with Kim and Ellie at Provo Beach Resort that morning to ride the carousel (one of Jayne's very favorite things to do). She was in heaven riding the 'pink horsey', running around to see the different games, and then getting 'pink ice cream' (before lunch mind you... lucky girl). 

waiting for Ellie so they can ride

Miss Ellie as a cupcake! So cute.

Love these two

'pink' ice cream, jayne's favorite as of late (strawberry)

The little man in his monster socks (from grandma) and halloweenesque shirt for the day (h&m, love it)

All ready for trick-or-treating!

Grandma glammed her up with the glow stick and bracelets

Quick lick of the boogers and we're ready to go

The Gilliams joined us

And so did Lauren & Chris (dressed as Mario and Pink Peach- hilarious). Lauren (steve's sister) was with us too- and Jayne's personal carrier in between houses. 

zoned out with her glow stick

I need to mention how insanely adorable Jayne was all evening long for my own personal memory's sake. She was a pro at trick-or-treating. She had a whole system. She would march right up to the door. As soon as they'd open the door, she'd say "trick or treat! and then would turn around and set down her bucket of candy, walk up, grab a candy and wait to see if they said she could take another. If they did, she'd grab as many as her grubby little hands would let her and then she'd throw them in her bucket, say "thank you" and "happy halloween" (with my direction), and then ask Lauren to carry her to the "next house!" My favorite was when we got to the fourth or fifth house and when they opened the door and I said "ok jayne.. what do you say?" she goes "(pause) happy treat!" All the phrases we kept telling her to say clearly got her a little mixed up. Too funny. Needless to say, Jayne LOVED trick-or-treating and we LOVED watching her do it.

This girl was so happy the entire time- she loved it!

Crystal was good to dress up- the rest of us were super lame!

Jayne doing her thing

Me and my little tiger

Sister shot

Love her peaking out over her blanket!

Monette had the house eerily lit with candles. It looked awesome.

Mike & Laur and the babies (they need some of their own!;)

Love that little kitty cat

Vinny munchin away on a wrapper

Jayne going to town on her candy

Crystal and I gave Sav and Vinn ring pops to replace their binkies. We were cracking up when they started sucking on them in their mouths and were going nuts over them.

Check out that blue mouth!

This last picture pretty much sums up this little girl's life. 
She has it all, and everyone wrapped around her little finger.

It was a great Halloween and I'm glad I finally got around to blogging about it. Already looking forward to next year. Maybe I'll plan ahead and figure out a family ensemble.... maybe.

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