a quick trip home

I went home to Maryland for a quick trip last weekend. I left Friday and came home Monday morning. My Dad flew out all the siblings to attend my little brother Jayson's missionary farewell (he is going to the Singapore Mission). It was so great to all be home together. We had a big family breakfast Saturday morning, went to dinner at Clyde's Saturday night, went to church Sunday morning, and then had a delicious Sunday dinner at home in honor of Jayson. Jayson gave a wonderful farewell talk/testimony on Sunday. One of the biggest surprises of the weekend though was sitting in Sacrament meeting and witnessing not only the Bishop of our ward back home getting released, but the calling of my dad as Bishop of the ward!  We use to tease him of this calling as a possibility in the near future since he was in the Bishopric for the last six years, but we had no idea that it was happening that weekend or that he had actually been called.  So, it was definitely a funny surprise as we were all sitting there in astonishment. It was another reason (unbeknownst to us all) why he flew us all out as he wanted us all there to support him. We were so glad we could be there. It was such a special Sunday. I know Jayson will make an awesome missionary and my dad an amazing Bishop.

babies chowing on pancakes and bacon in their food feeder (btw those things are amazing)

Mr. Daniel flew out with his Dad too

Mi madre y padre

Lil cuties

Missionary on the right

Get a real natural look at us morning beauties

Adam is becoming a man! weird!

Sunday we went for a walk in the neighborhood 
(well, we missed most of it as we were both taking a much needed nap, but we caught the tail end of it... as they were walking back in the driveway- ha)

Vinn loves his Papa. Its pretty cute.

Would have been the perfect picture had Lauren not crept her way in..... jk!

Shannon and her little man

Tried to get a sister pic on Saturday. Sun was a little harsh. Oh well.

My sisters are babes.

Trying to get a 'modeling shot' with the sweet car in our driveway (not ours)... we're dorks, i realize this.


i know chris is gonna pull this one off the blog no doubt.

can't wait to see them all again in just a couple of weeks!

and a special thanks to steve who stayed with jayne in utah so i could be home for this!


Lauren & Chris said...

and you're right. Chris took the pic of me off your blog and made it his desktop background

Kim & Clay said...

Ah you and your sisters are so gorgeous and fun!

And I want to meet your mom and dad because they seem amazing. One of these times, I am going to invite myself to come back to Maryland with you. I will stay with my cousins so I don't wear out my welcome but hang out with you every day and you can introduce me to the east coast! How bout it??

Angie said...

You and your sisters really are babes! Cute pictures. Nothing like a good trip home - even a quick one. Glad you were able to go!