Our Thanksgiving

We started the morning off with a 2 1/2 mile walk around the neighborhood-- further justifying our face stuffing that evening. My parents have a little wagon that Jayne loved riding in, and Jordan obliged to push and pull her around in it for a good part of the walk, too. So cute. 

I love these pictures. Don't you see some similarities?

You aren't a true American unless you play football on Thanksgiving. 

This picture of my Dad cracks me up.

My cousins Andrew and Peter were quite competitive.

This picture of Elyse and Vinny is so sweet. She is so good with the babies.

This was the only picture I got of me with both kids that day. Jayne had just woken up and she did NOT want to take pictures.  This one cracks me up though.

My mom, who slaved away in the kitchen the two days leading up to Thanksgiving, made the most incredible Thanksgiving feast. I loved every bite. And she decorated the table so beautifully.  See for yourself.

My contribution: homemade rolls. Yum.  But I will say my fond favorite is the layered jello in the top left corner. We fight over extras.

Of course Kevin tries to ruin a perfectly good picture.... 

A couple of our guests- Robbie and Ryan

This picture makes me laugh

The kids table- how cute is that?!

After dinner I tried to get Jayne to smile for some pictures. The little sassy one wanted nothing to do with them all day. Can you blame her though???

Maybe if I just don't look at my mom she'll go away....

Maybe If I pretend to be asleep..... (ha!)

Tay Tay always knows how to get her laughing

Videochat with Daddy

This year my sister Shannon put scriptures and quotes under everyone's plates that had to do with gratitude and Thanksgiving. Then we each read ours and said what we were thankful for this year. Then my Dad did the Thanksgiving trivia. He asks the same questions every year and we never get them right. Bad memories I suppose. Runs in the family.

We sure missed the siblings (and their spouses and kids) that couldn't make it this year. 
But all in all it was a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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