snipits from this morning.

4:00 am. Vinny cries. and cries. 

I give him a bottle and change his diaper. He goes back to sleep. I can't fall asleep.

4:45 am. Jayne cries. Asks for mom.

I snuggle her for a minute and put her back to sleep.

5:00 am. All asleep. Finally.

6:50 am. Vinny awake. He can't possibly be awake. No! Lie in bed and ignore him for a bit. Pointless because I'm not even sleeping. 

7:30 am. Get Vinny out of crib. And Jayne too because Vinny woke her up. Change diapers. 

8:00 am. Breakfast. Its all a blur. Screaming contest between the kids ensues. I have a headache.

8:15-9:00 am. Jayne keeps bothering Vinn. I'm about to lose it.

9:15 am. Jayne has a poopy diaper. Refuses to let me change it. 

10:00 am. Jayne poops again in already poopy diaper. (How do I know this? Three things: Red face, clenched body, grunting noises).

10:10 am. I am still in my PJs. I am so tired. 

What are the chances of me getting a nap this morning? 

Don't answer that.

Happy hump day.


Smith, Here! said...

they dont make em any cuter :)

S.DAY said...

Oh my dear, how I can sympathize. I ended up in tears and walking out of the house and away from my children on Monday night! (don't worry, kday was there to clean up the disaster and put Layla in time out for the umpteenth time since returning home from your house)
Some days are a little like my friend said, "Kick you in the crotch" kind of days.... and after a lot of prayer and a morning at the temple - life has been a little better these past two days.
You're awesome - hang in there. When it feels like life just kicked you in the crotch, put your pj's on and take a nap... and when you wake up it will hopefully be a new day :)
love you!

The Romney Family said...
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The Romney Family said...

Ha, I'm sorry Dayna! I feel your pain but this just made me smile. (It's always easier to see the humor when it's someone else, huh??) Anyway, hope your day got better. Almost to the weekend!!! (And at least your kids are freakin adorable, even when they're driving you crazy!)

Sarah said...

This is the beginning of today as we speak. :( ;)