double stroller at last

my kids ride all shined up

many of you know about my lengthy turmoil on deciding and buying a double stroller. there are so many options out there. so many pros and cons. SO EXPENSIVE. but after months and months of trying to figure out the best double stroller for my needs, and doing a lot of research and test driving, I decided on the indie bumbleride twin. deciding on a stroller was a big deal guys. these things are no joke. i take my stroller decisions very seriously. problem is, this stroller retailed for $730. you could buy an old car for that much. so, i resorted to craigslist in hopes of finding a semi-used one for sale. being busy with kids it was hard to keep track on craigslist, so steve being the stud of a husband that he is, tracked it daily and found this sweet baby in maryland right by my parents home. it is a 2010 model (no real difference between 2011) and mildly used. in fact, when we went to see it i was shocked how new it looked. the wheels were in perfect condition, the aluminum was clean and barely scratched. the only giveaway that it was a used stroller was the dirt and grime on the fabric. in fact, one of the seats was baaaadly covered in mold (seriously wish i took a before picture!). gross. i was a little worried about it but my sister assured me we'd be able to get it out with a power washer. i was a little skeptical, but trusting, and bought it. 

the next morning we pulled out the power washer and power washed that bad boy. let me tell you something. i am a believer in the power of a power washer. that thing washed out every speck of mold and dirt possible. when all was said and done, i had a brand new looking stroller for...

Bonus: it came with a raincover (normally another $50) and a few other little accessories 

Isn't she beautiful? Seriously, I wish you could see this in person. I made all my family get there faces right up in the seats to smell and see how clean those were. I was kind of a freak about it.

Best part is, the kids love it. Jayne asks to get in and gets really excited to ride. Even Jordan requested riding in my "cool" stroller. The seats fully recline and the footrest can adjust up, which made for the perfectly comfortable positioning for Jayne to take a nap in at the mall later that day. Shazam!

I have my double stroller. I can rest in peace now.

... and i think bumbleride should compensate me for my sweet promotional post. just sayin'.


Kate Magleby said...

You go girl!!!!/Bring back my babies!

Crystal said...

haha Kate... seriously! I miss me some Vinny and Jayne in my life!!! again...so happy you found the stroller! Amazing!

Laura and family said...

This post made me laugh. My quest for the "perfect" double stroller has been going for SO LONG. My kids are 3 and 1 1/2 now, but since Claire was born we have had: a regular Graco double (weighs as much as a house), Phil & Teds (loved it until Claire got old enough to realize that second seat sucks), and currently have a Baby Jogger City Mini double. Love how light it is but hate that it is a side by side for places like the mall- it fits in a regular door frame, but it's impossible to take out on those days you HAVE to pick up something at the mall (hello Christmas shopping!) I think my next test stroller may be the Joovy Ultralight since Gabe is beginning to not want to ride in a seat? If I would've gotten one when they were babies I would've gotten the Baby Jogger City Select- like the phil and teds but both seats have full views and they can turn to face each other. Aye.... double strollers.

At least your kids look cute and comfy!!

Angie said...

I am not even a mom and even I am getting super excited about this! ;) I'm happy for you!!