i can always count on having a good time at home

this comes as no surprise, but i love my family like crazy. being home is always the best and i'm always sad to leave and looking forward to the next opportunity to come back. i've been slacking on blogging because we've been busy enjoying time together. but here are some things we've been up to, or at least the things i have pictures of. 

We hit up Shake Shack in DC. That place has become an obsession of mine. I love it.

We took the kids to see Santa Clause. It cost 20 bucks to take a picture. Lame! But Jayne and Vinny were surprisingly happy to sit on Santa's lap (Jayne was a bit shy and wouldn't look at his face), and they got a cute book from him. Success. We'll probably see him again (and take pictures this time) when we get back to Utah.

Remember Jayne's tongue obsession when she was little? Vinny has one too. He is usually always sticking it out just a tad like shown.

I love our many neighborhood walks

We try to squeeze in a hike to the falls everytime I come home.

We went to my Aunt Suzanne's for pizza, shakes, and dancing. She is the best hostess and even gave us all gifts for Christmas.

Adam's straw glasses

My Dad and Aunt Suzanne

Lauren and Chris teaching some of their dance moves

We had quality park days

Had a sweet campfire with hotdogs and marshmallows one pleasant evening (the weather has been awesome)

Went out to lunch

More walks around the neighborhood- showing off my latest purchase

Went to the Newseum in DC. Saw part of the Berlin wall, Pulitzer Prize Photograph winners, and the FBI exhibit/artifacts. Great museum- highly recommend. 

Saw a 4D movie at the museum. SO wish I could have videotaped Jayne during the movie. She kept trying to grab the images. Hilarious!

This little boy LOVES riding Papa's shoulders.

Another lunch at Shake Shack

Visited dear friends from high school. Alison Feldman- love her to pieces. So much fun catching up with her. Also got to see my friend Kelli Cissel and her sweet family as well. I love catching up with old friends. Its the best.

Fun instagram photos of the kids...

Cafe Rio in Olney with the family

More fun included: 
black friday mall shopping
movies and backtickles before bed
saw festival of lights at the temple (separate blog post for that one)
dinner at home with good conversation
lots of videochats with Daddy who we miss like CRAZY
... and i'm sure there is more that i'm simply forgetting


Courtney said...

Is it sad that the main points that I got out of this post is the fact that there is now a Shake Shack and Cafe Rio in the DC area. How did I not know this? The only take-out we had while we were there was the best the village had to offer... Vie de France and Renatos. And by the best, I mean extremely average.

Courtney said...

Dear Dayna (this will be long),

I am sorry to hear that your 2 year old is much the same as mine. I often think the same thing, "Where did Rip go?" Not sure when/if he's coming back, but pretty sure Chet is the best to happen to this world. He deserves a following. I'm sure you feel the same way about Vinny. I absolutely worship almost 1 year olds.

Second, when did you and Steve separate?

Third, I would like to see you, the dark one, and Vinny when I come in January. It should be pretty amazing.

ashley schmutz said...

it was so good seeing you!!!!! hope you're feeling better! xoxo