the rest of our shoot

i thought elyse did an excellent job as photographer on thanksgiving day taking some photos of me and vincent. we took turns and i got some of her and the little man as well. vinny LOVES elyse. and she is so cute with him. she is going to make an excellent momma one day.

geeze.... when will i ever get enough of that face?!
{btw- i thought about editing off his scratches and drool, but then i thought 
'you know what, that's what makes him a little boy!'}


alicia said...

such a pretty family! love these photos.

Sarah said...

You're so lucky you're short! You wear so many adorable dresses that would be scandelously short on me! Bummer...:) You are such a beautiful mommy!

Do You Think I Am An Automaton said...

Oh, he is so cute!! I wish you were still here around Copenhagen and we could get our little girls and boys together!

Angie said...

Love the boots! Those are the forever 21 ones I think! Looks awesome with the dress, I would have never thought to put those together but that is why i'm not as fashionable as you! ;) You look gorgeous.