We took Jayne and Vinny to meet Santa Clause at Riverwoods. Jayne was so excited and even fell asleep for a nap that day in complete bribery. It was awesome. She chatted the whole way in the car about seeing him. She was all jittery as we waited in line. And then sure enough, she got completely nervous and clingy right when it was our turn. She did not want to even get close, but then Santa... oh that blessed Santa.. offered her a candy cane. Lets just say Jayne is going to have a hard time not taking candy from strangers. Worked like a charm. She plopped right down on his lap and gave a big ole grin for the camera. Thank you Santa!

This man is the real deal, guys. He proceeded to ask Jayne if her favorite toys were Princess Barbies (uh, hello, thats EXACTLY what we got her for Christmas!) and if her favorite princess was Cinderella (you got that SPOT ON St. Nick!!). I kid you not, this is the real Santa. 

Love it

Afterwards we walked around Blickenstaff's toy store and then headed over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some hot chocolate

mmmmm yummy little boy

We can't go to Riverwoods without stopping by Provo Beach Resort for some 'pink' ice cream (this time it was peppermint instead of strawberry)

this little boy was quite the happy camper... (like i keep telling you, he's amazing)

Jayne + 'pink' icecream = heaven

Her exact words after doing this: "Mmm! So yummy!" (referring to her snot, not the ice cream)

The lights around Riverwoods are pretty magical. It was cold outside but zero wind so it wasn't all that bad walking around and checking them out. Kids loved it. We loved it. Success.

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Kim & Clay said...

We saw the Riverwoods Santa too. He's the best! Merry Christmas!