before i tell you about our arrival to chile...

... i want to give a little shout out to my just-turned-eleven-months-old, "vinny vinn" magleby (his most recent nickname.. of the many)

this little guy is the best thing ever. he is such a happy kid and loves to smile and laugh pretty much all day long. he is the squirmiest thing. he is very inquisitive and curious and loves to grab and touch and get into everything, climb up to stand on everything, army crawl all over the place... he is a true little boy with a whole lot of energy. he can be quite exhausting to take care of, but his cuteness sure makes up for it.

other things he loves:
- his doggy and blankey
- his sippy cup (thinks he is the bomb when he drinks from it)
- climbing up to stand on everything
- eating whenever he sees anyone else eating
- his grandpa (he gets really sad when his grandpa can't give him his sole attention 100% of the time)
- his uncle Javier (who helps him kick soccer balls- he loves it!)
- his bottles... as soon as he sees me making him one he starts freaking out
- reading books (he is much more into it than jayne was at his age)

he can:
- clap
- stand up (takes a couple steps and then falls.... right on the verge!)
- say "mama" and "dada" and lots of other babbling words
- loves to sing

and above all, that kid loves to DANCE! funny, but true. doesn't matter what music is playing, he will find the beat, and groove to it, without fail. pretty sure my sister-in-law kate has a sweet video of what i'm talking about. maybe she'll email it to me (you reading this kate?).

still can't believe he will be 1 in one month. insane in the membrane.
vinn- thanks for being such a sweet boy. we sure love you bud!

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Kate Magleby said...

I tried sending them but the file size was too big. WORST!