steve turns 28

we were in florida over steve's birthday. its a common occurrence for us to be anywhere but home over his birthday, so we made sure to make it special. we started the morning off right with breakfast in bed. 

after a fun day spent outside, we went out to dinner at a yummy mexican spot. it was quite delicious, despite the fact it didn't have the same beef fajitas (steve's favorite) as Rio grande. Can't win em all. but the chips and guacamole were pretty amazing if i do say so myself. 

this little boy is already learning how to smile for the camera. i love it!

you would mike, you would

the whole clan. again, notice the vinnster. is that not amazing or what?

family shot. please ignore my frizzy mess. it was humid!

vinny fell asleep drinking a bottle later that night in javi's arms. this kid never falls asleep in other people's arms. had to document.

of course, a "happy birthday" song and candles were in order. 

blew them all out. his wish must come true!

as tradition, we went around and said why we love steve. he opened presents (comfy sweatpants from me, money from his family), and then per his request, we played games late into the night.

 i'll speak for him and say he had a very successful birthday.

i'm playing catch up, so don't miss my posts below.

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