cabin fever

On Saturday night after the BYU basketball game, we headed up to the cabin for a late night of games (Wits&Wagers and Dominion) with a few family and friends. I was so glad Juliet came. I love that girl. Not only is she beautiful but she is hilarious. I think we all had a little 'cabin fever,' as evidenced from a few of the following photos:

Am I really showing you this? Apparently so.

I'm pretty sure the BYU Cheerleaders' Head Coach will be giving us a call any day now. 

A few more snipits from this evening:
- I ate my body weight in cookies, goldfish, and candy (it was fast Sunday the next day obv)
- I won Dominion three times in a row what! what!
- We stayed up until 1:30 am (I honestly can not remember the last time I have ever done this, aside from my insomnia days)... i'm such a party animal

pretty sure i'll regret posting these pictures in the morning.

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