christmas eve & christmas day

don't mind the cupcake bib... it's jayne's. he'd make a pretty cute little girl though eh?

Technically, we were in Florida over Christmas eve and Christmas, but we pretended it didn't happen until we got home for the sake of not having to pack all of our Christmas presents and bring them with us. So instead, we celebrated when we got home and it was great because it gave us something to look forward to after our vacation. 

Kids in their Christmas PJs drinking their 'babas'

For "Christmas eve" we had a delicious dinner and then gathered in the family room for a Christmas message and 'meaningful gifts' from Steve's parents. Every year they give a new message along with a gift that represents the message given as a reminder. It is a really great tradition. This year the message was about striving to raise the bar spiritually in our lives, to remember that we are of royal decent as children of our Heavenly Father, and as we strive to improve ourselves spiritually, we will be stronger and more prepared in our battle against the adversary. The guys were given purple ties (purple signifying royalty) and the girls were given pretty necklaces that had a crown on them as well as "CTR" on the other side (Choose the Right). 

After meaningful gifts, we went around and opened our not-so-secret santa gifts (we were each assigned a family member). Josephine had me, and she got me some sweet pink sparkly toms, a fun sequined top and a really pretty necklace. Score. Monette also got everyone Christmas PJs. We took some fun pictures and then called it a night.

Christmas morning began with Grandpa ringing the bells. You aren't supposed to get out of your bed until he comes around ringing the bells. Its a fun tradition. Surprisingly, Jayne was not awake yet when this was all going down so we had to wake her ourselves which is a rare occurrence.  As a result she was a little bit out of it when we went down to check out all that Santa had to bring. I'll have to post the video of Jayne that morning when I get ahold of it.

Vinny loving his stocking stuffers

Jayne checking out some of the gifts under the tree

Jayne loved her ice cream play food

Javi and Suzie


Jayne loved opening her presents. She would gasp in awe even before she saw what it was. Pretty funny. 

Eric's sweet new beanie

We each take turns opening our gifts


Some of the aftermath

More of the aftermath

Vinny loved this ball toy he got from Monette and Eric

Best buds

Jayne loved her Cinderella Dress from Santa

This kid was all smiles all day

Crazy hair

We had a fun little photo shoot later that afternoon. Cinderella doll made an appearance.

That night we took the kids to go see the lights at Thanksgiving Point. We were so glad they had them going on until New Years Eve so we could get to enjoy them.

This was Jayne the whole ride. Pointing out the lights in excitement. So fun.

Little man sat on my lap during the lights. I was amazed how perfectly still he sat as he looked out the window at the lights. It was so much fun!

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