doctor, milkshakes, and a walk home.

As it turns out, Jayne has mono and not strep. The first test they took (the swab) came back positive for strep so they put her on antibiotics assuming the blood test would say the same. But when the blood tests came back, it was negative. I guess the swab can sometimes be faulty and the blood is more accurate, so she no longer needed to be on antibiotics. Her blood test for mono came back positive which doesn't surprise me at all as it was what I had theorized from the very beginning. The only comforting thing is knowing that mono is actually better to get the younger you are and way less severe. In fact, most adults have had it and don't even know it. Although it may be another week or two until she's 100% healthy, she is already feeling much better and acting more like herself. After going over the blood tests with the doctor, he did a quick exam on Jayne to see how her throat looked and make sure she didn't have any swelling in her tummy. Jayne was hating it and especially dreaded opening her mouth for the doctor. We bribed her with milkshakes and it seemed to do the trick. True to our word, we headed over to Johnny Rockets after for some American milkshakes. Jayne was thrilled when her "pink" milkshake arrived. I always love a happy girl.

Vinny enjoyed sharing my chocolate milkshake while wearing Steve's sunglasses. Funny thing is he won't even try to take them off. He thinks he is so cool. Which he is, clearly.

I wanted to take a few pictures on our walk home to give you an idea of what we see every day. All of the homes in our neighborhood are guarded with high walls and sharp edges, or barbed wire, or even electric fences on the top of the walls. So you can't ever really get a good look at the homes here, with the exception of the roof (which are mainly terra cotta tile). 

The sidewalks are lined with beautiful trees and sometimes flowers.

Daddy's girl, truly

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Kate Magleby said...

Vinna Vin is the freakin cutest thing on the planet.