five tidbits for your friday

just a photo of my loves at the pool

1. Steve didn't try out yesterday. Long story short: our contact that is helping him get set up with these teams called and said the coach wants him to come next week instead of this week. A little frustrating... but trying to be patient. I'll keep you posted the more I know.

2. They sell these cookies all over Chile called Alfajores. They are a soft cookie with manjar (dulce de leche) in the middle. Then the cookie is usually covered in milk chocolate but you can get all varieties. I bought some today to try them out and they were pretty delicious. Steve said you can buy them in Provo at the store by the hospital called Many Lands (or something like that?), incase you wanted to know. 

3. Jayne is starting to pick up on a couple Spanish words. We've been working on "gracias" and "por favor" and she is already getting pretty good at saying them without our help. Like today, when the concierge unlocked our building door for us, without skipping a beat she says "gracias!" all by herself. It is pretty cute. 

4. I went to a Relief Society activity yesterday at the church. We had a lesson on eating healthy (all in Spanish... so yeah, I don't really know what was said but I could probably guess) and then we ate ice cream afterwards. It made me laugh a little inside, but I sure didn't complain!  We also played a few fun games with some balloons. I met a couple other Americans, so it was nice having some people to talk to. Once again, I was reminded at how frustrating it is to not speak the language here. I hate that I have to segregate myself with other Americans,  I wish I could just sit and talk to everyone comfortably. Any way, just me venting a little. I realize it's up to me to do something about it. 

5. We've been itching to go and explore the city. Where we live is really beautiful, but it's not really 'typical' Chile. I figure if you're gonna live so far away in another country, then you've gotta really see the country you're living in while you're there, you know what I mean? We're gonna try and plan a day to go explore next week. I'm looking forward to it. 

That is all. Have a great weekend!

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Kim & Clay said...

I love that Jayne is learning Spanish. You will have to post a video of her saying some of her new words soon.

And Many Lands is awesome! They have foods from pretty much every country so I have gotten some Australian treats there when I've missed them. Those dulce de leche cookies sound incredible.