florida vacation part 1

*while it may appear we have a favorite child from the imbalance of pictures in this post, i assure you we love them both equally (for the most part, jk! jk!) and just let it be known that jayne no longer likes to take pictures. wonder how that happened. don't worry, i was able to sneak a few in without her realizing. 

christmas vacation was spent with steve's family in florida. steve's parents rented a home in panama city, and we spent most days playing on the beach, swimming in the heated pool/hot tub, playing games at the house, enjoying meals together, and spending some quality time as a family. i am all for house rentals compared to a resort hotel. you get more quality time together, its more comfortable, and its generally a lot cheaper.

although the weather wasn't quite warm enough for jumping in the ocean (although that didn't stop mike and javier) or laying out on a towel, it was pleasant and comfortable, and much better than the chilly weather we left back home. it was so fun taking vinny to the beach for his first time. while jayne was timid (scratch that, more like terrified) of the ocean, vincent was all smiles and couldn't get enough of the site of the waves and the feel of the sand between his fingers and toes. he LOVED the beach. it was hysterical and completely adorable. 

the house was just a short walk from the beach, so we tried to go down there each day. on this particular day it was slightly overcast which made for some great pictures. after our fun at the beach we went back to the pools and got ourselves cozy in the hot tub. i'm pretty sure we stayed in there for a good hour playing "i've never" before heading back inside for lunch. it was a good time. 

pretending to throw me in the icy water. he would never. because i would take him down. obviously.

that's my girl!

posts of steve's birthday and new year's eve below!


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vincent might be the CUTEST little boy i have ever seen!