florida vacation part 2

We drove down to Orlando for a couple days to hit up Disney World. The last time I was there I was 18 years old and our family was going on the Disney Cruise but had one day beforehand to hit up the world renown theme park. I love Disney World. Its fun, friendly, magical, etc. But you wanna know what was NOT fun, NOT friendly, and NOT magical? The drive down there. Our babies were little terrors! Don't get me wrong, I realize it was not their fault that we woke them up at 3:45 to hit the road... but one would assume that naturally they'd go back to sleep in the car. This was not so. Whining, crying, screaming (and then repeat) was what ensued. I am embarrassed to say that I was on edge and very cranky by the time we got to Disney World. My point in telling you this is to share with you what my rockstar husband did for his wife's sanity that day. Knowing I was having a hard time, he took our children to Sea World so that I could ride my little heart out with the rest of his siblings at Universal Studios. I was child-free for almost a whole day! As much as I love and adore my kids, it was exactly what I needed!!!

Major bonus points for the husband. 

With that said, these photos are from Steve's day at Sea World with his parents and Jayne & Vinny. They had a really great time, and by the end of the night I missed them so badly and couldn't wait to see them at the hotel. 

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves... enjoy!

i sure love those guys!

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