florida vacation part 3

Day two of Disney World was spent at Magic Kingdom. Jayne loved riding the carousel, the elephant ride, and the tea cups. We split from the older kids (they headed off to Hollywood Studios) and went on Its a Small World, had lunch, and then watched the afternoon parade with some ice cream cones. Jayne loved seeing the Princesses (more like star struck... she wouldn't say anything but was completely zoned out on them- so funny) and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  After the parade we headed over to Animal Kingdom to meet up with the rest of the clan.  

Animal Kingdom was really cool. We were kind of bummed because the last Safari ride had left about five minutes before we arrived there (that would have been so cool to do), but riding the Expedition Everest roller coaster 3?? 4?? times made up for it. That ride was probably my favorite of them all.

We ended the night with a water ride. We all managed to get a little wet. 

Jayne loved riding the "Sarah" ride (same dinosaur as Sarah in Land Before Time) and rode it countless times with different family members. 

Grandma caved and bought Jayne a light up Minnie Mouse toy and a flashing necklace for Vinny. That's what Grandmas are for! :)  Jayne enjoyed every minute of those two days. 
We all had a great time!!!

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