florida vacation part 5 {the end}

Jayne loving "her house"

We went to Sea Side (just a short drive from where we were staying) to check out the location where Truman Show was filmed. It is a cute little town, a lot of cutesy (somewhat tacky, in my opinion) colorful homes like the one we found above that Jayne boldly claimed as her very own (I wonder why...). 

So we took a minute to pretend like it was ours.. I think Steve enjoyed it more then Jayne, no?


Truman's home

More my style than the colorful homes

This is the other end of that home. I love the outdoor decks with the drapes. How pleasant it would be to eat a meal out there or read a good book with the ocean breeze. mmmm.

Jayne making her way up.

The town had a bunch of really great food vendors lined along the street. Although we didn't eat, it all looked pretty good.

The local post office. Adorable right?

Well folks, thats all I got for Florida pictures.
Did you enjoy? I hope so. 

Next up, Christmas!

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