I like to stick with chocolate. So good. Carlos mooched off me the entire time.

Meet Carlos
 and the mexican handlebar mustache.

Pink ice cream, forever and always

lots of good sharing...

for family home evening we went out for some delicious gelato. there are many places around here that serve gelato- a good thing and a bad thing. as in, good for my taste buds and bad for my self control. but it's just sooo good!  i figure i can limit myself to the occasional family home evening treat.

and walking there and back evens it all out, i suppose.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

i love gelato but I love your babies more!!
P.S. your pictures look amazing you are seriously rockin those new lenses

Jessie said...

yumm!! that gelato looks delish! and carlos?? he is adorable :) you are already looking like you've got a little sun...lucky girl! ps. i'm loving all the posts!