happy new year!

we started new year's eve off with the byu basketball game. we killed San Diego. it was an entertaining game and they had Tucanos for the complimentary lunch. can't beat that.

we headed up to alpine after the game for a fondue dinner, games, and counting down to the new year (babies did not stay up incase you were wondering). 

shared a new year kiss (thanks to kate for capturing it- ha)

we had to wake up max for the count down.. not so sure how he felt about it


steve trying out the poppers. we're cool, i swear.

i'm pretty sure max remembers none of this

love the glasses

i still have a lot of updating from the past... steve's birthday, our trip to florida, christmas... so expect an overload of posts here in the next couple days. just when you thought you were done with christmas, guess what, you thought wrong!!! 

happy 2012!!

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