my favorite thing

My favorite thing about being here in Chile is that I get to be with these people everyday with very few distractions. Sometimes it's nice to be in a smaller home, in a country where you hardly know anybody. You pack the basics and leave a lot of the overload of who-knows-what-crapola boxed up at home. Life gets simpler and your days are filled with things that matter most. It's nice. Really nice.

And despite the fact that there have been some challenging things... like dealing with cranky children, and really hot weather (with no AC), and feeling like an idiot when my neighbor tries to talk to me in the hallway and i'm ALL ALONE without Steve's assistance... (yeah picture that image real good in your head right now)...

it's all good.
i have these peeps pictured above in my life and for that i am a really lucky woman.


Kate Magleby said...

I love these pictures. I want to come visit you guys so badly!!!! Miss you all!!

Jessie said...

dayna you are beautiful!! what cute pictures. and i love the side profile pic of jayne with her cute little bun.

Angie said...

Ugh stop being so gorgeous and skinny and perfect! You are a babe. Okay, i guess you don't have to stop. You can't help it. ;)

These pictures are GORGEOUS. The lighting was beautiful. And your family is beautiful. I'm glad you're happy!